ETUII boiler chamber
MORE, s.r.o. successfully designed primary measures (target below 200 mg/Nm3) for reduction of NOx pollutions in project of EPRII or ETUII power-plant total renewal.

Low NOx Program

Our company applies and transfers its know-how within powdered coal combustion field into our unique LOW NOx PROGRAM, containing following components based on best available practices for primary reduction of NOx emissions.

  • Low NOx swirl burners VSxx-LN
  • Grid based sampling system for flue gas sampling and O2 and CO analysis used for control of combustion in Low NOx firing system
  • Flow meters for air and flue gases designed for Low NOx firing systems or heavy duty systems
  • Over Fire Air nozzles (OFA) system  designed for Low NOx firing systems
  • Powdered coal classifier design convenient for beater wheel mills used in Low NOx firing systems
  • Design, sizing and integration of mentioned components in Low NOx targeted rehabilitation (or new design) projects
  • Sophisticated Computational Fluid Dynamics model of combustion within the boiler furnace for proofing the design of Low NOx firing system.

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CFD models

We offer specialized calculations with the help of mathematical flow modelling, so-called CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics).
CFD is a branch of mechanics that uses numerical analysis and algorithms to solve difficult problems concerning internal and external flow of fluids (liquids, gases, their mixtures or mixtures with particles).
CFD uses numerical methods and computers to solve equations describing a specific physical problem, which enables the engineers to significantly shorten production time of a product or its optimization. Savings are achieved by the design of a solution with an optimized function, comparison of several possible solutions, parameter optimization of a selected solution or by analysis of difficult cases before realization of the actual equipment or before changes to the equipment are made.
MORE, s.r.o. applies this modern approach to support the development of its own solutions in classic power generation and other fields.
Our CFD services provide added value to the production quality of the equipment that is used by our customers.

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Low NOx firing systems

We are making pulverized coal-fired boilers environmentally friendly by aplying best available practices to desing a powdered fuel low NOx firing systems.

Since 1995, MORE, s.r.o. has carried out research on power generation boilers and applies its vast experience in improving the environmental friendliness and reduction of NOx emissions as it carries out proposals of primary measures to reduce NOx. It uses the CAE method and BAT for modifications of current boilers and supplies or offers retrofits and completely new projects.

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