ETUII boiler chamber
MORE, s.r.o. successfully designed primary measures (target below 200 mg/Nm3) for reduction of NOx pollutions in project of EPRII or ETUII power-plant total renewal.

Company profile

MORE was founded in 1995 by partners who had many years of experience in the research and development of thermal power generating systems. Their aim was to provide technical engineering services to large power stations and help them solve problems related to combustion. The company has been involved in the realization of primary measures to reduce NOx emissions from power boilers, as well as finding solutions for various operational and technological problems in power generation and other related spheres.

Company registration

The company is registered with the Commercial Register kept by the Municipal Court in Prague, Section C, Insert 39472. The company is registered with the tax authority as a VAT payer. MORE® is a registered trademark that entered the Register of Trademarks in the industrial property office of the Czech Republic under No. 215475.

Current focus of the company

MORE concentrates on the development and solutions to various operational and technological problems related to power generation. We mainly focus upon:

  • Combustion facilities, including proposals of primary measures to reduce NOx emissions
  • Construction solutions for facilities supported by the mathematical CFD modelling program – FLUENT (combustion, circulation, blending, transfer, abrasion and corrosion)
  • Assistance, engineering and services in the power generation field
  • Design and modification of facilities from an engineer’s point of view
  • Realization of research & development activities to carry out technological equipment projects
  • Securing projects and subcontracting
  • Measurement, optimization, adjustment and testing of boilers
  • Technical support of design offices within the basic proposal


SynergyOur company follows the values of credibility, respect, responsibility, integrity and responsiveness for the development of a partnership with our customers. We have had a synergistic relationship with our manufacturing and non-manufacturing partners through the years, which has accelerated flexible progress, competitiveness and strategic development. A mutually beneficial relationship with our long-term partners has been created with respect to their products and technical or public activities. Regarding science and research and customers projects, we work together and complement each other for projects related to power generation and coal combustion.


Interwoven into all of our activities is the searching and securing of better design solutions, and their unique details, for each project we work upon. Our goal is to achieve better technical and long-term quality in a broader context. We focus on the whole, in detail, and within the context of the entire design; we invest in knowledge and enjoy the challenges which come with our customers’ complex projects.